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Sanden SD7 HD AC compressor $229.00
Sanden SD7 HD AC compressor
Item Number
Air Conditioner Compressor
  • Genuine Sanden SD7H15 HD
    compressor (709 style). This is the 7
    cylinder version of the 508.
  • Uses R134a Freon
  • Ready to bolt on to Kwik Performance
    air conditioner brackets.
  • 7 grooves
  • Port sizes 3/4" and 7/8", located on top
    rear of compressor.
  • Pre-filled with of oil.
  • 12 volt
BBC Crank Pulley Adapter
  • Works with Kwik BBC serpentine
    adapter kits K10014 (early, 1990-95
    donor engines) and K10270 (late,
    (1996+ donor engines).
  • Adapts SBC or V6 serpentine crank
    pulley (PN 10085754, 14102091, or
    equivalent) for use on Big Block Chevy
    harmonic balancers.
  • Fits on standard Mark IV damper.
  • CNC machined from billet aluminum to
    tight tolerances needed for high RPM.
  • Neutral balance.
BBC Crank Pulley Adapter $49.00
Adapts SBC or V6 crank pulley to BBC
Item Number
Remote mount Reservoir
  • GM Corvette reservoir for use with
    power steering pump.
  • Ready to bolt on to Kwik Performance
    alternator / power steering bracket
  • Uses 5/8" return hose to pump
  • Uses 3/8" hose from steering box
  • Includes bracket and cap
Reservoir Kit-Corvette style $69.00
Reservoir kit - Mounts on alternator/power steering bracket in Corvette position
Item Number
Hose barb for power steering return line
  • For 5/8" diameter hose.
  • Fits Type 2 power steering pump for use on Kwik
    Performance alternator/power steering bracket.
  • Use on Camaro or truck pumps when removing
    the reservoir from the pump and converting to a
    remote reservoir.
  • Add thin bead of sealant and tap into pump body
    with rubber mallet.
Hose barb - 5/8 -90 $35.00
Press-in hose barb, 5/8", 90
Item Number
Hose Barb
Sanden 7176 mini-compressor $239.00
Sanden 7176 AC mini-compressor
Item Number
Air Conditioner mini-Compressor
  • Genuine Sanden SD7B10 compressor
  • Uses R134a Freon
  • Ready to bolt on to Kwik Performance mini-
    compressor air conditioner brackets.
  • 6 grooves
  • Pre-filled with oil.
  • 12 volt
Aluminum power steering pump with 90 hose barb
Pump with aluminum body by Tuff Stuff and 5.5" pulley
Item Number
Power Steering Pump Assembly
  • New type 2 light weight aluminum power
    steering pump made by Tuff Stuff
  • Includes pre-installed 5.5" diameter pulley
    with windows for mounting bolt access.
  • Includes pre-installed 5/8" diameter hose
    barb in fluid return boss.
  • Ready to bolt on to Kwik Performance
    alternator/power steering bracket.