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Need an air conditioning compressor?
GM gave us some real challenges with the Gen 5 V8 direct injection engines:

  • All the factory cars and trucks now have electric power assist steering—no
    hydraulic PS pumps
  • Corvette engines use a double-sided serpentine belt and there a few
    lengths yet available
  • Truck engines have a belt-driven vacuum pump we didn’t want to eliminate

Our goals:
  • Keep as many factory components as possible, especially the harmonic
  • Use standard aftermarket AC compressors and power steering pumps

Includes: Bracket, idler pulleys, and type 2 power steering pump by Tuff Stuff

Parts needed to complete the installation:
  • GM Gen 5 V8 truck engine such as L83 or L86
  • Sanden SD709 AC compressor (Kwik Performance PN 10300-01)
  • GM LT truck tensioner
  • GM alternator
  • Gates K061115 belt
  • Remote power steering reservoir

Material: Aluminum
Finish: Natural bare aluminum, sanded and tumbled to satin sheen
AC, alternator, PS bracket for LT truck L83 L86 engines $496.00
AC alt PS bracket for Gen 5 LT truck engines using Sanden 709 compressor. Includes PS pump.
Item Number
Alternator PS bracket for LT truck L83 L86 engines, no AC $459.00
Alternator and PS bracket for Gen 5 LT truck engines. Includes PS pump.
Item Number
Power steering only
Same as above, but with power
steering pump only, no AC.