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LS1 air conditioner bracket
Performance, Inc.
LSx alternator and power steering bracket
LSx street rod air conditioner and alternator bracket
Power steering pump assembly
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  • Stresses and vibrations evaluated
    with Finite Element Analysis and
    prototype testing.
  • Tensioner placed in its proper
    position – between the air conditioner
    compressor and the crankshaft pulley,
    in the “slack” portion of the belt.
  • Belt and tensioner geometry optimized
    for proper belt tension – equivalent to
    OEM tension requirements.
  • All pulleys aligned with each other
    within SAE specifications.
  • Zinc plated fasteners used throughout
    for corrosion resistance and great
  • Most brackets made from 6061-T6
    aluminum for light weight, good looks,
    and rust-free appearance. Matches
    the all-aluminum LSx engines. Low
    mount AC bracket is power coated
  • All plates are cut on a computer-
    controlled, ultra-high pressure water
  • All tensioners, pulleys, belts,
    compressors, alternators, etc. are
    standard, easily available items.
  • Uses Sanden 508, SD5, or SD7