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Kwik Performance SBC serpentine accessory system for all Gen 1 engines.

Now your SBC engine can have all the proven advantages found in other Kwik Performance
serpentine systems for Chevy engines:
  • Solid engineering
  • Attractive design
  • High quality materials
  • Standard, easy-to-find accessories

The KwikPerf system uses standard accessories you can find at any auto parts store—a Delco
CS130 alternator, a Saginaw Type II power steering pump, a GM belt tensioner and a  
Sanden 7176 mini-compressor.

Options offered by Kwik:
  • Power steering pump with pulley
  • Sanden SD7—7176 AC compressor

Fits all classic Gen 1 small block Chevy engines from 1969 or requires cylinder head with at least
one threaded hole on passenger side.  Clears tall valve covers.
Complete serpentine systems for small block Chevys
Performance, Inc.
Available in these configurations:
Features and benefits
  • Stresses and vibrations evaluated with Finite
    Element Analysis and prototype testing.
  • Tensioner placed in its proper position – in the
    “slack” portion of the belt.
  • Belt and tensioner geometry optimized for proper
    belt tension – equivalent to OEM tension
  • All pulleys aligned with each other within SAE
  • Zinc plated fasteners used throughout for
    corrosion resistance and great appearance.
  • All brackets made from 6061-T6 aluminum for
    light weight, good looks, and rust-free
    appearance. Matches aluminum heads and
    intake manifold.
high pressure water jet.
  • All tensioners, pulleys, belts, compressors,
    alternators, etc. are standard, easily available
SBC serpentine system-Sanden mini-AC, alt, PS $577.00
SBC system for alt, PS and Sanden mini-AC
Item Number

-Brackets and hardware
-Crankshaft pulley
-Water pump pulley
-Idler pulleys

-Sanden SD7B10
mini-compressor, P/N 7176
-Type 2 power steering pump
-Type 7861 CS130 alternator  
for 1990-1995 Chevy truck
-Reverse rotation water pump